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May be after reading this you will agree that we are both! Any one can swim with the tides but against the tides only specialists do .Yes we are referring to the specialist in Overseas Careers and this moment is the one to show who that is.

Every branch of Opulentus has a Poster which says “Think sensible and decide whether you really need a consultant” and we mean it. It’s always sensible to apply on your own if you have

1) Time – Generally immigration programs are time consuming. It involves lot of research like knowing the formats, procuring documents etc. Every applicant has their own priorities and these priorities should be attended accordingly and see what is coherent and what is incoherent.
2) Knowledge about the program, the start and end process.
3) Research has to be done on a regular basis on the process and if there are any deviations how to counter them or how to find alternatives.
4) Update on a daily basis on what changes are happening in the process

We bet what you are going to read now would be one of its kind and is first from OPULENTUS and was never done before or rather not dared by anybody before. What we have done is compiled all the incidents that have happened in the last one year and how we fought against the odds, as our principal motto was to give the clients what they wanted i.e. a VISA .

There are also cases where we had to put our commercial cap aside and help our applicants achieve their goal which might mean helping them financial because of untoward incidents that happened in their or their loving one’s situations.

All these incidents were never faced in sympathy by us and should never be mistaken as one, as it’s a passion we drive in our blood of having common interests with our clients and this might be one of the reasons to be known as a compassionate consultant. In fact we take it as a privilege that we got this opportunity to be a part of their successful and wonderful lives and we thank them all for giving us this chance

Below are couple of serious achievements in 2008-09 we would like to flaunt and challenge if any consultant in India can come close by proving better track record ( In our sector ) we would do a free processing for that applicant .
Our Recent Achievements
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