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Outstanding Achievements
Shailender Thakur
Denied a visa but not down in his hopes with a never say die spirit of Opulentus.
A newly wedded couple had a shocker when again the CSC did not agree to put some of the earnings in the pay slips just like the one with. Debapriya Bhoumik and we had to take a chance by giving a clear explanation and referring the past colleagues like Debapriya Bhoumik’s case but the Home office didn’t budge this time and he was denied.  The R&D team along with the Director had an exhaustive discussions and some where we decided that the Admin Team shouldn’t have taken a chance at all by lodging the application, It was no more a situation of who’s wrong as both the admin team
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Y Ravikanth
Ray of hope with Opulentus awaited Ravikanth
There might be no consultancy he would have missed in Hyderabad,he can name not just the owners of all the consultancies but name each and every employee better than the owners of that enterprise itself. He was taken a ride for New Zealand Immigration couple of years back by a local consultant for more than 5 years. We can imagine how vexed up he would be as the time frame was 5 years which is a very long time for someone to wait for something they really want in life and cant avoid talking about his patience for waiting so long.  He got some how convinced with a consultant in Nagarjuna C
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Aparna always trusted in Opulentus and we proved it to the point .
“Alwayslisten to what the specialist says” ……… ask Ms. Aparna If you don’t believe it.UK immigration authorities have an eye on the smallest of the information that you give, hide or mislead. Aparna’s file was so fool proof that it took a small misleadingi nformation (typing error) on her Resume. She typed 2007 for 2008 in her career graph. She actually was in the UK studying in 2007 so under the student guidelines you are not supposed to take up any full time opportunity and was denied for working in a period where she was not supposed to. There was a very big risk of apply
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Taj Qureshi
In the end Qureshi cracked it with the help of Opulentus.
Poor Taj, he had been denied a UK tier 1 visa because of his company being closed and there was no chance of any reference or cross verification as there no more exists any inch of the past and nor did the UK consultant whom Taj got registered with for 1000 GBP . The result was evident after a sloppy work on documentation he got a straight denial and his voice fell as the consultant was in UK and got absolute silent responses from the them. In a situation of distress he approached Opulentus. Incidental for us and was accidental for him. He is more than happy now as he got his VISA with th
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Mrs. Jyothi Kulkarni
Visa denial could not snatch Jyothi's joy when Opulentus is here to her rescue.
A rank holder from Kakatiya University happily living in the UK with Husband and kids would have never thought that a small easy talk with the immigration authorities by her husband would shake her life when she returned from UK. When her spouse returned from USA after a 3-6 month trip he was asked by the immigration authorities to explain why he was away from UK while he had a highly skilled worker visa. He was given a notice saying that he is not allowed to stay in UK for more than 7 days and then he left to the USA. Mrs. Jyothi Kulkarni was advised by the local Attorneys to file a case agai
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Mr.Chintala Chandrasekhar
vHUB Technologies
"He has 4 years of work experience "
Mr.Rajashekar Reddy Mandala

"provided excellent support and visa interview preparation tips "
David Praveen

"David is double joyous with his USA visa from Opulentus"
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