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Outstanding Achievements
Bulguri Arun Kumar
Arun’s overseas aspirations saw the light with Opulentus!!!
With a lot of dreams of taking his life to greater heights he was always planning to go to US.He was a worried lot with his 22 backlogs cursing his career prospects and was very much dejected. Opulentus saw that undaunted fire in him to realize his overseas dream to USA.Adding luck to his wish our unique Work Study Program (WSP) came to his rescue.On a fine day he got a call from Opulentus saying that he got his USA student visa. He has no words to define his happiness.  Opulentus constantly works to bring that million dollar smile on our client’s faces… All the best Mr. Aru
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Manne Muddu Pavani
Ultimalety Pavani’s efforts paid off with the catalyst Opulentus!!!
As an HR recruiter with more than 7 years experience in recruiting aspirants for USA clients she thought she doesn’t need any kind of guidance to get her VISA. She has a record of interacting with USA visa clients and also processing many visas which adds to her mammoth experience. The reality stuck her when she was rejected a visa in her first attempt. Then she approached Opulentus with a complaint to withdraw her application but the kind of boost we gave made her to re apply. Opulentus helped Pavani  with its expert guidance apart from mock sessions which is worth experiencing.  
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Everybody said that Bhanu will not get VISA to USA without TOEFL and GRE except Opulentus!!!
It was almost impossible for anyone to get a VISA to USA without getting a handsome score in TOEFL and GRE. But, owing to the strong desire of Mr. Bhanu Opulentus offered him our unique Work Study Programme(WSP). He realised his dream with this option and happily says \"At least once in my life I need the passport to be endorsed with the USA visa, I don’t need any thing in my life. This was my punch line at all get together party’s in fact every where, I knew it was practically not possible as I do not have 16 years education, one’s rejected for B1 to USA no TOEFL no GRE no sponsorship..
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Mahesh’s meandering efforts to go abroad ultimately found respite with Opulentus!!!
Mr. Mahesh, a prospective individual who dreamed of an overseas career like many. But, his efforts saw no results with his anguish growing day to day. He visited various consultancies for processing his visa and has attended visa interviews at consulates tirelessly for four years continuously. His hopes got dashed after his fourth attempt and saw only failures welcoming his ways but ultimately he found the light to his visa difficulties with Opulentus. As usually Opuletus did in its natural style which is one of its kinds and got his visa done. Opuelntus is happy for Mahesh that his
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Debapriya Bhoumik
Undaunted Deba got it done at last and why not when Opulentus is with him.
He was denied a visa from the Home Office UK because of a small discrepancy in the pay slips. Normally CSC wiz the company he works with is very stringent on the papers that are issued and never budge to their employee’s requirements. There is a provision to appeal the decision which was done by Opulentus R&D Dept. and Divergence but was again denied. The last Option was the Complaint Cell where we can complain on the decision and so we did and got the approval. Now Deb and his wife are happily settled in UK and we are sure that they are content on their decision to choose Opulentus Over
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Our Recent Achievements
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Mr.Chintala Chandrasekhar
vHUB Technologies
"He has 4 years of work experience "
Mr.Rajashekar Reddy Mandala

"provided excellent support and visa interview preparation tips "
David Praveen

"David is double joyous with his USA visa from Opulentus"
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