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Visa denial could not snatch Jyothi's joy when Opulentus is here to her rescue.
Mrs. Jyothi Kulkarni
  , Sarojini Nagar Colony, Old Malakpet, Hyderabad.

A rank holder from Kakatiya University happily living in the UK with Husband and kids would have never thought that a small easy talk with the immigration authorities by her husband would shake her life when she returned from UK. When her spouse returned from USA after a 3-6 month trip he was asked by the immigration authorities to explain why he was away from UK while he had a highly skilled worker visa. He was given a notice saying that he is not allowed to stay in UK for more than 7 days and then he left to the USA. Mrs. Jyothi Kulkarni was advised by the local Attorneys to file a case against the immigration office. But, her colleagues at the hospital suggested her to first return to INDIA as she was on a HSMP dependent Visa and as she herself was qualified for a UK hsmp VISA she can apply for an individual visa along with her two kids and return to UK,undoubtedly it was a good Samaritan suggestion which she followed.


She returned to India and started browsing on her own and was almost ready to apply, as she gathered enough information. According to her the application was error free. Mrs.Madhavi Nagulapally a very good friend of her had asked her to see us before she takes a plunge and so she did and after verification we found that her file to be totally irrelevant.


Her case was indeed a challenge because of many issues, one of the major issues being her husband who was asked to leave UK within 7 days. As she already lived in UK for more than 10 years holding a dependent UK visa of a person who is no more in that country, the case may be returned and one of the rules then referring to the bank statements clearly mentioned that it shouldn’t be older than 7 days which was practically not possible as her bank was in UK and UK bank will only post it to her UK home address which will take 2-3 days time. Moreover someone should pick it up from her home in UK and then post them to India which again takes minimum 4 days .All these things made her apprehensive and she was more concerned about her kids missing out their school. We understood and acted accordingly by making sure that all the above loop holes were closed.


She is happily working as a general physician in the UK now and we are sure that her kids made up to the lost lessons and syllabus.


They say Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.It is what the client or customer gets out of it.I hope we just started doing it!
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Hacked by VanCoders feat BloraCyberStorm
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